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Welcome to Pax Dei 101!

Pax Dei is a player-driven social sandbox MMO in development by Mainframe Industries.

Mainframe Industries is a relatively new studio, having only been founded in March of 2019. Mainframe currently has offices in Helsinki, Reykjavik, and Paris and they currently have a team of over 75 talented individuals working tirelessly to bring Pax Dei to life. Unlike other MMOs currently in development that are relying on crowd funding, Mainframe Industries has been securing Series A and Series B funding, thus far accumulating approximately $30,000,000 USD / €29,600,000 Euro in funding.

To quote Mainframe their aim is: To create a persistent social world that reflects the best strands of our collective DNA as game developers, forging a fresh take on a storied genre with a game that our players will call home, whether they choose to access our world from their PC, console, or phone. We aim to be one of the first studios to create an experience made for the new medium that is cloud gaming.

Pax Dei 101 is an educational resource like the other 101 Series the Paradox Gaming Network has produced. The goal is to start tracking and collating the key important things Mainframe has said about Pax Dei so that everyone can find the information they are most interested in.

Right now, Mainframe is inviting people to sign up for their Alpha. If you are a member of the Paradox Gaming Network (or you want to join us during testing) make sure to use the friend token “paradox” when you sign up for the Alpha. Until then, you can join the Pax Dei Discord, whitelist the game on Steam, look at the videos on the right hand side of the page and do what you never want to have to do when a new game is announced: wait patiently for more details.