Pax Dei 101 Pax Dei Combat

Combat Overview

The combat in Pax Dei is action combat with an aim on it being more strategic than reactive. The decisions you make before combat (the gear you pick, knowing what you will be facing, your target’s weaknesses) are at least as important as the ones you make during combat. This isn’t going to be a hotkey smashing game, but the timing isn’t going to be super sensitive either. The goal is to make anticipation and reading the encounter more important than reaction speeds, but Mainframe does want to have room for mastery as well.

The combat you have seen in the trailer is placeholder. It is being worked on and revamped. Mainframe Industries does understand that combat is a really important part of the game, and with everything in the game they are committed to improving, updating, and expanding over the years, both the years in development leading to launch and the years afterwards to keep combat fresh and engaging.

Pax Dei

Player Collision

Due to feedback from players, Mainframe has made a design decision change. Player collision will be enabled when both players have a weapon in their hand. If a player has no weapon in their hand (empty hand or only a tool) then player collision will not be a factor. This may factor into PvE fights as well now, as two players working together with weapons in their hands will collide with each other, but they have also said in non PvP areas there won’t be player collision. They have several aspects of this they want to test, so we will have to wait until they provide more details or we can test it ourselves to see how this turns out.

Hit Boxes and Reach

All body types will be identical in terms of gameplay.