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PVP Overview

Mainframe has a goal of making PVP feel more dynamic and more about social structures, roles, and positions of power in player-formed communities instead of just static PvP toggle or zone restrictions. They want to ensure that PvP does not feel like a separate mode and create a gap between PVP an PVE players. PvP should be an integral part of the world and economy. The goal is to marry PvE and PvP together by offering opportunities for both to bring value to the other part. Be it facing dangers of PvP or creating the best gear for PvP players. That being said, they do want to make sure they offer players interesting and meaningful ways to opt-in and dip their toes in PvP.

The Heartlands is restricted from PvP fights. Outside of the Heartlands players will have various options to choose if and how they want to experience PvP, and how much they’re willing to risk in doing so.

Pax Dei

Opt-in PVP

PvP is opt-in insofar as it will be clear when you enter that mode or zone that has dangers of PvP. If you do not want to engage in PvP there is plenty of PvE content in the game. That being said, you might need to go into a high level PVP zone to mine a certain ore. You don’t have to PvP to get that ore. You could bring a bunch of PvP players to protect you. You could also avoid the PvP zone entirely and buy the ore you need. You could opt-in to the PvP zone and get the ore yourself. The choice is yours, but the goal is that PvE players can 100% ignore PvP and still get the best stuff in the game.

Full Loot Drop?

There will be value loss in PvP and players will be able to decide how much they’re willing to risk for greater rewards. Mainframe is not ready to share any more details on PvP at this time.

Instanced and Ranked PvP

Mainframe is of the opinion that instances artificially split up the population, and their goal of making a social sandbox MMO is to bring people together. On a ranking system, a rank (or reputation) give to you by fellow players is 1000 times more valuable than being a number on some list generated by the game.

Pax Dei 101 - PVP