Pax Dei 101 Pax Dei Crafting

Crafting Overview

One of Mainframe Industries goals for Pax Dei is to offer compelling gameplay on every part of the game and crafting is no different. Crafting is a major part of the game, the economy, so there will be plenty of things to discover, tinker with, and create. You can make crafting your main gameplay in Pax Dei.

While we have very few details about crafting, we know that some is action/skill based and other is time/process based. Skills and facilities can affect and modify all the variables (time, success rate, variable outcome). Also, they seem to indicate that failure doesn’t mean the item is less valuable, just different.

Also, Mainframe wants to insure that the player crafted gear is the best gear, the most valuable gear, but also ensuring that players are doing the maintenance and selling. Crafting, like all other aspects of Pax Dei is designed to have emergent gameplay in all aspects of the game.

There will be a certain level of cooperation needed. The basic necessities, anyone can craft those, but to make the advanced materials, or to make facilities, you will need to cooperate with others. Making everything you need, and everything to support making what you need, will require too much space to be built on a single plot.

Pax Dei Crafting Workbench

Jack of all Trades

While it will be possible to be master everything, the number of different supply lines and different crafting stations necessary to excel on a single character will be nearly impossible to accomplish alone. Additionally, even if someone does master everything, it is highly unlikely they will be competition for those people who are working together.