Pax Dei 101 Pax Dei Character Information


All player characters in Pax Dei are Human.

Pax Dei Art


Pax Dei will not feature classes that you traditionally see in MMORPGs. You won’t choose a class at character creation and stick to it forever. That being said, the lack of a class system doesn’t mean there are no roles. While Mainframe Industries isn’t ready to share the full details yet, they have shared the Holy Trinity is present. That means there will be a Tank role, a Heal/Support role, and a Damage Dealer role.

The class system for Pax Dei is intended to be very fluid, giving the player maximum choice to customize a style that fits each individual player. Mainframe isn’t suppling the molds the players choose from. They are providing the sand that the players will use to fill their own mold. While players have an idea of what the traditional tank looks like, different tank players will come up with different ways to take through a combination of skills, weapons, armor, items, and magic.


Gear is the main source for abilities and spells. Your skills determine how you can use them. What does that mean? I have absolutely no idea, we are waiting for Mainframe to give us more information.

On the topic of gear, Mainframe has said there is no “best gear” in the game for everything. It is more nuanced and depends on what you’re doing and what you expect to get out of it. Higher tier doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best for everything.


In Pax Dei you learn by doing. Instead of gear having a minimum level to equip, as Pax Dei has no levels you might be required to have a skill of a certain level to activate the gear. Outcomes of crafting are influenced by your skill level.


Pax Dei does not follow a traditional player leveling system with a global character level. Instead, it is a combination of progressing skills and those skills do have a leveling system.

Characters and Alts

Mainframe has thought about alts. They have given alts a lot of thoughts and they understand that alts can be a good thing or a bad thing. While Mainframe isn’t ready to tell us how many alts we can have, they have shared a few pieces of information.

First is that anything you build (your facilities, installations in your home and crafting hall or village) should be accessible to any of the characters you create. Also all items are tradeable, so you can twink out your own toons or give gear to a friend who is just joining the game.