Pax Dei 101 Pax Dei Servers, Sharding, and World Size

Servers, Sharding, and world Size

Servers, Sharding, World Size

So, this piece from Mainframe requires some clarification, as it goes outside of the normal use of these words but this is the best we can figure out at the moment. Pax Dei will not be a single cluster like Eve Online. So, players will be playing across multiple servers to spread out the population. Each shard is aimed to have 20,000 players per shard.

Pax Dei Art

Server Types

Mainframe does not intent to have different rulesets for servers, because the game is not designed to be a Hero’s Journey that then requires different server rulesets. They have acknowledged that some servers will be fully of professional badass minmaxers, all business and no tea parties. Other servers will be full of people who never see a reason to leave the shade of the party tree. These are the result of the culture a server develops. The rules should neither advance nor hinder either style.

Server Regions

Mainframe has said they plan to release in South America/Brazil and South East Asia. At first there was some issue with Steam not allowing Brazilian players to Wishlist the game, but that has been taken care of.


Mainframe eventually wants people to be able to access the game from any devices. For launch, they are concentrating on a PC version on Steam. They are not planning on supporting MacOS at launch.